Birch Fine Tea

When I first met sisters Alena and Kristina of Birch Fine Tea, they were slinging tea at The Mango Market’s pop up event, Gather the Vows, in Charlotte. I had been following them on Instagram for a year prior and had always wanted to try their tea. Now, the only tea I’ve ever had was green tea. So, I expected the tea to taste like that.

When I saw them at the event, they were so kind and extremely helpful in answering my questions and sharing their massive knowledge about all things TEA. Did you know the world drinks about 6 Billion cups of tea each day? *mind blown*

They let me sample some tea and boy, let me tell YOU. Each one was delicious. There was chocolate, blueberry, apple, everything! I didn’t know tea could taste that good.

Fast forward a couple more years and the sisters announce that they were opening up Charlotte’s first Tea Shop in Camp North End. So, my friend Chris Rodarte, my daughter Bella, and I set a date and went to try some tea and shoot some pictures!

birch fine tea honeystruck

The space was gorgeous and they have so many plans including additional shelving, a pink wall (which they just painted!), and more seating! It’s the perfect spot to work, chat with friends, or just grab and go.

all photos taken by Chris Rodarte

To learn more about them, go to their website:

Birch Fine Tea was established in 2017 by two sisters – Alena and Kristina “Birch” is not only an homage to their Ukrainian roots but also symbolizes “new beginnings.” After Alena was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer & Heart Failure, they founded Birch Fine Tea as their literal new beginning.

Based in Charlotte, NC they have proceeded ahead to assist others in starting a new life by boosting their health with the broad range of premium loose leaf tea.

Most importantly – Birch Fine Tea pledges to give back a portion of all sales to organizations whose mission is to care for vulnerable children locally and beyond.

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